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Just and Lasting Peace

A Documentary History of Reconstruction
This anthology of primary documents traces Reconstruction in the aftermath of the Civil War, chronicling the way Americans--Northern, Southern, black, and white--responded to the changes unleashed by the surrender at Appomattox and the end of slavery.

Showcasing an impressive collection of original documents, including government publications, newspaper articles, speeches, pamphlets, and personal letters, this book captures the voices of a broad range of Americans, including Civil War veterans, former slaveholders, Northerners living in the South, and African-American men and women who lived through one of the most trying, complex, and misunderstood periods of American history.

  • Język: Angielski
  • Oprawa: Paperback
  • Kategorie: American Civil War
  • Liczba stron: 640
  • Wymiary (mm): 174 x 113
  • Wydawca: Penguin Publishing Group
  • Rok wydania: 2013
  • ISBN13 (EAN): 9780451532268

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